195 Percent RDR2 PC Saved Game

195 Percent RDR2 PC Saved Game

Why 195%?
Because this save has EVERYTHING unlocked Except some Card Decks, the Rare Shotgun, and Rare Rollback Rifle. (There are still some bounties, and a couple hideouts as well.) I’m not sure what happened with the rifle and shotgun they simply vanished, if this is a huge problem for people you can use the save editor on here by XB36Hazard to try and add them into your inventory, I on the other hand ever used them So i did not care. Hence the 5% that is missing.

What it does have is:
The 100%

All Story Progress (Gold)
All Stranger/Side Missions (May be missing The Ends of the Earth stranger quest, but you have the materials in your inventory)
All Satchels
All to Most Compendium issues. (Except Cards)
All Challenges Done

The Other 95%
All Weapons besides the Rare Rollback Rifle, and Rare Shotgun are unlocked. (LeMat, M1899, Evans, Ornate Dagger etc)
All Trapper Armor, Garments, Clothing (colors and variations), Challenge Gear, Saddles, unlocked and bought
All Trinkets, Charms and Talismans from the Fence including weapons.
4 Horses bought, all are Level 4 or almost level 4 Loyalty. 3 Arabian’s all 3 colors, and a Turk horse.

Place in:
C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsRockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption 2ProfilesRANDOM NUMBER

Make back ups of your own before overwriting. Tested on the R* Launcher Version of the game, may not work with all versions.

I made these save files for the sole purpose of testing, and or just having fun.

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