Banking The Old American Art – a banking mod Mod Mod

Banking The Old American Art – a banking mod Mod Mod

Banking The Old American Art – a banking mod gives ingame banks a purpose. Now you can deposit your money to not lose it when you die!.

The mod
The mod aims to add a little realism to the game. When you die you lose all the money you had in your pockets. To avoid this happening you can deposit it to a bank and it will keep it safe for you! The newest 2.0 update completly overhauls the mod from ground up, so I recommend rereading through the description.

How does it work
You simply enter one of the supported banks (the one in Valentine, Saint Denis, Rhodes or Blackwater) and then using the in game prompts you manage your resources. At the bottom you can see the amount of money stored in the bank. More info on screenshots.

NEW You can set a money cap in the .ini file. If you want go over the limit you have to equip the money bag at your camp or by renting for $20 at the bank

-Bank clerks have the prompts baked into them, instead of it showing when you enter the bank.
-There is an animation for walking up to the counter.
-Changed keybinds, so that they are more keyboard friendly
-Removed the moneybag (for now)
-Banks now have opening/closing times! As all other shops they open at 6am and close and midnight
-When leaving the bank after dealing with the bank clerk John/Arthur will thank for their service! (thanks PixieV!)
-The banks have a new icon
-The blips are no longer persistent and wont stay on your radars edge, however when you got to the map they’ll still be visible
-new overlay for displaying current deposited money

Special Thanks
I wanted to thank PixieV who helped me tremendously with this mod! She is the author of such mods as the Quiver or the Cut Dialogue Overhaul

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