Breton – Gypsy Cob – Shire Mod Mod

Breton – Gypsy Cob – Shire Mod Mod

I don’t have much experience with modding, I made this mod just by copying and replacing based on Bolju’s mods and Liluzisquirt99’s Breton mod.
Please forgive me if I made a mistake in naming the breeds

How to install?
Put .ymt file in lmlstream.

*If you want to change the size of the horse, you can change it yourself by:
1. Open the .ymt file
2. find the line: <scale value=”1.14370000″/>
3. Customize the numbers to your liking! (“1.14370000” is the size of the Shire)

*You can replace any horse with these horses just by renaming them according to the syntax: a_c_horse_breed_coat.ymt
For examples:
“a_c_horse_arabian_white.ymt”, it will replace the white Arabian.
“a_c_horse_missourifoxtrotter_amberchampagne.ymt”, it will replace the amber champagne Missouri Fox Trotter.

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