Buyable Properties Mod Mod

Buyable Properties Mod Mod

The Mod
“kept you waiting huh” The long awaited properties mod is here! The mod gives player the ability to purchase hotel rooms and various houses and customize them to their hearts content! You can change the interior and the outside of the property. This finally gives the player a way to spend all that money in the epilogue!

1.1 Update
Now every house has a purchasable weapon locker.

1.3 Update
Arthur can have a house too now! To do so, simply set Arthur_mode in the ini file to 1. Otherwise the mod will be turned off when playing as Arthur.

Important Warning!
the customizable houses appear only in the epilogue map, so the mod is originally intended to be played as John. Arthur mode is experimental.

List of Available Properties

Customizable Houses:
-Rdige View cabin (in heartlands)
-Shepherds Rise cabin (near strawberry)
-Argil Rise (near rhodes)

Hotel rooms:
-Valentine hotel
-Valentine saloon
-Saint Denis hotel
-Rhodes Saloon
-Strawberry Hotel

For now the prices for purchasing the properties as well as for the customization options are a bit arbitrary. In a future update I plan to add an ini file to allow the player to change these values.

If any piece of furniture or item is misplaced, be sure to report it to me or Dick Hertz via nexus private messages or through discord. Use of images is highly appreciated

Extract the archive and put Houses.asi and the Houses folder and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder.

Special thanks
This mod wouldn’t be possible without the support of my patreons!
Special thanks to:
-Bob Fathaeker
-Jimmy Thibault
-Ray Ray
-Jay S.
and everyone else that supports me on my patreon!

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