Chapter 2 Completist OCD save

Chapter 2 Completist OCD save

Story Progress
Main story completed: The Spines of America
Stranger mission completed: None, excluding Geology for Beginners/The Ends of the Earth/All that Glitters

All rock carving found & reward collected
All cigarette card sets found and *2, ready to be delivered, also in case player accidentally pick another card upon the completion and re-activating the mission then cause the bug
All dinosaur bones found & locations sent, ready to meet the lady and collect the reward
All dream-catchers found and reward collected
Hunting requests completed 4 of 5, part 5 will be unlocked during epilogue
All exotics requests items stocked, just pick any 1 requested orchid after activating the mission will result in completion

All animals studied/tracked/killed/skined, “full bar” completed 168 of 178: excluding 8 Guarma animals (Fer de lance Snake/3 Boas/3 Macaws/Red-footed Booby), 1 Legendary Alligator, 1 Rufus.
All horses “full bar” completed 19 of 19
All plants “full bar” completed 43 of 43
All collectible melee weapons found
All talisman and trinket including PC only ones found/crafted, excluding Alligator Tooth Talisman
Most firearms collected, among them, personally deemed useful ones are with affinity maxed (I.E Carcano, Schofield, Lancaster, Litchfield, Le-mat etc.)

Full map revealed, including New Austin
All points of interest recorded, excluding secrets of Braithwaite/Gray
All outfit collected, excluding The Death Roll (requires Legendary Alligator skin)
All cloth items with all available color options purchased
All horse equipment with all color options purchased/crafted
All challenges completed
All pamphlets found (excluding horse meal, which will be available at fences upon completion of Pouring Forth Oil)
All craft-able weapons/ammo crafted & maximum stocked
All camp upgrade done
All gang member requests items stocked (I.E. silver watch for Lenny, necklace for Tilly etc.), pen delivered to Mary-Beth, pipe delivered to Dutch, rabbit delivered to Pearson, scout jacket unlocked
Satchel upgrade maxed
Legend of east outfit unlocked
Darkbay Turkoman as main horse, bounding maxed, speed upgrade from racing encounters unlocked
Nevada hat found
Carolina Parakeet extincted
Player at perfect body weight

Known bugs
Father and son building house in Valentine stopped progressing (no borrowing money option)
Equipping Nevada Hat causes gang members commenting player dresses as “lawman outfit”
Old man horse racer encounter near Wallace Station won’t show 2nd time
Equipping Legend of the east outfit causes ammo stop displaying on bandoliers/gun belts

I costumed Arthur’s outfits/weapons to my own aesthetic liking, same reason I choose a darkbay Turkoman as my main horse rather than smaller Arabians or dappled fox-trotters despite better stats, please feel free to alter them anyway to your own.

Tools used
Scripthook RDR2
RDR2 Save Editor
Lenny’s Simple Trainer


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