Clean Chapter 2 Save Post-Prologue Ultimate Edition Mod

Clean Chapter 2 Save Post-Prologue Ultimate Edition Mod

A clean Chapter 2 save with added benefits

Having played through RDR2 multiple times, each time having to go through the very tedious and long prologue, I decided to
make & share a post-prologue Chapter 2 save, with some added benefits.
(This save does not have the Limpany treasure map, nor the Ardennes War Horse).

The first benefit being that I utilized the Ultimate edition of the game, so the save probably contains the Nuevo Paraiso Outfit, the Thoroughbred, and the bonus bank robbery mission.

You will start at Horseshoe Overlook with each prologue mission having been done with a gold medal, all requirements being fulfilled.
I have not done any Chapter 2 missions, nor have I encountered any strangers or done random world events.

Arthur will already have 5 requests to do in order to get the Errand Boy trophy:
Dutch’s pipe
Hosea’s story book
Ms. Grimshaw’s herbs
Mr. Pearson’s rabbit
and Mary-Beth’s pen
I wasn’t able to trigger Abigail’s request for 5 dollars.
I’ve also already hunted a perfect Pronghorn & 2 perfect Deers, donating both carcasses to Pearson.
I needed to pass the time, since each request has a certain period in which it is triggered, and leaving & returning to camp
helps trigger said requests.

Having skinned the prologue Deer & the 2 that I hunted in Chapter 2, I unlocked the Master Hunter II challenge as well.

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