Dead Eye Master 1.0 Mod Mod

Dead Eye Master 1.0 Mod Mod

This mod allows you to change Dead Eye Rank at any point in the game.

Overview of Dead Eye Ranks:
There are 5 Dead Eye Ranks, unlocked at specific point in the game:

Rank 1: During the Chapter 1: Mission “Old Friends”. It allows Automatic tagging of enemies when highlighted.
Rank 2: During the Chapter 2: Mission “Pouring Forth Oil IV”. It allows manual tagging.
Rank 3: During the Chapter 4: Mission “Banking, The Old American Art.” It allows continuous fire if target is not tagged.
Rank 4: During the Chapter 5: Mission “Fleeting Joy”. Fatal areas are highlighted.
Rank 5: During the Chapter 6: Mission “Goodbye, Dear Friend.” Critical areas are highlighted.

This mod allows you to change Dead Eye Rank at any point (even in missions and replays). There are cheat codes for changing Dead Eye Rank, but those cannot be activated during missions, and by using cheat codes saving is disabled.

Install Script Hook RDR2 by Alexander Blade
Download DeadEyeMaster
Unpack the zip
Copy DeadEyeMaster.asi to the main game folder
Default Path for Rockstar Launcher: C:Program FilesRockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption 2
Default Path for Steam: C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonRed Dead Redemption 2

How to use:
When in game:

For Rank 1: Press F7 + Numpad1
For Rank 2: Press F7 + Numpad2
For Rank 3: Press F7 + Numpad3
For Rank 4: Press F7 + Numpad4
For Rank 5: Press F7 + Numpad5

If you just want Rank 5 without notifications, press END.
You can change ranks as much as you want. Rank you enabled through this mod isn’t persistent across saves, which isn’t a problem – only thing you need to do is after loading the game, activate the rank you want.


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