Early Chapter 2 Scout jacket

Early Chapter 2 Scout jacket

(Pearson) Legend of the east satchel Gambler 10 Max Honor

Hello this is a legit no mods used save for very early chapter 2:
Pearson Scout jacket unlocked

Annoying gambler challenges completed to 10,(Herbalist also is at 9 and herbs present in inventory are all counted to challenge, everything else you pick will help completing it) other challenges not yet fully done

Legend of the east satchel unlocked
Horse race rewards unlocked (all 3 yellow speed and pre order horse has 10 max speed)
Highest honor possible
Dream catchers + Rock carvings completed
Some trinkets looted around the world
All legendary animals not killed except Legendary Buck
Some main/side missions completed
Rare shotgun looted with best dmg roll drop
Nevada hat looted
Some other stuff also looted like essential items for crafting etc cant remember everything ENJOY


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