Force first person on foot Mod

Force first person on foot Mod

Props to LMS over at Mod RDR Discord for helping look into ways to manipulate the first person camera.

I created this simple mod because I like to travel in third person while on my horse, but prefer first person on foot. I’m lazy and don’t like to have to press the view toggle button every time I change states.

Requires ScriptHookRDR2DotNet:

Place RedDead2HorseCameraSwap.dll in your “path to Red Dead Redemption 2″/scripts directory.
If the “scripts” directory does not exist, create it.
If you’re curious, here are the entire contents of the mod so you can do it yourself if you prefer.

using System;
using RDR2;
using RDR2.Native;

namespace RedDead2HorseCameraSwap
public class Main : Script
public Main()
Interval = 1;
Tick += onTick;

private void onTick( object sender, EventArgs e )
var player = Game.Player.Character;
if ( player.IsOnFoot )
Function.Call( Hash._0x90DA5BA5C2635416 );


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