IronSight (1st person gun FOV fix) Mod Mod

IronSight (1st person gun FOV fix) Mod Mod

This is my attempt at fixing the first person aiming.

105 horizontal FOV when aiming for vanilla and DLC guns
Guns have been manually adjusted for a realistic arm length
In-between animations speeds have been increased (reload to aim, weapon carry to iron sight etc.)
Scopes can now be used along side iron sights for rifles and repeaters (default aiming aligned to center)
Snipers can also be used with iron sights (only with this mod atm No Forced Scope)
BONUS: 1st person player movement and strafing improved (ex: reload while running)

FOV can be changed but some guns might become misaligned
Clipping of player hands and gun will occur on some gun models
Default aim has a different animation compared to iron sights so some clipping will occur during firing
Aiming is not perfectly aligned in certain body positions and angles (ex: leaning left or right behind cover)
Left arm, mount/vehicle shooting haven’t been addressed yet

Requirements: You will need to adjust your default FOV if you haven’t already. Download this mod Custom First Person FOV and set your FOV to 73 vertical (105 horizontal).

We don't have any information about the author of this IronSight (1st person gun FOV fix) Mod Mod mod. If you are an author, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will add your credits for Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods mod.

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