Lenny’s Simple Trainer 0.7 Mod

Lenny’s Simple Trainer 0.7 Mod

Upgrading from v0.4 or previous? Please note that the file structure has changed. The trainer now goes into its own subfolder and a new file SimpleHook goes into the game root instead!

Lenny’s Simple Trainer is a mod for Red Dead Redemption II that lets you do a bunch of awesome things in RDR 2, including clear your current wanted level, give yourself money, and much more. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a wolf, soar in the skies as an eagle or have a personal bodyguard, then this is the mod for you.

If upgrading from a previous version, always use the new lst.ini file.


F5: PRESS to open or close the Trainer Menu.
F11: PRESS to teleport to waypoint.
F12: Log your current position (and some other info) to the logfile. Also works on peds you target.
NumPad 0: HOLD and PRESS Left/Right/Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn to nudge the player, forward, up, left, backwards, etc. Go through doors with this.

Menu controls:
Up/Down to navigate the menu vertically.
Left/Right to change item options.
Enter to select an option.
Backspace to return to the previous page.

Bodyguard controls:
Hold and Release F9 to make your bodyguards regroup with you.
Hold F9 to dismiss all of your bodyguards.
Aim at a Ped and Press 1 to make all bodyguards attack them.
Aim at a Ped and Press 2 to make the closest bodyguard attack them.
Aim at a Ped and Press 3 to make the Ped enter or leave your vehicle.

Eagle gunship controls:
Aim at a Ped and Press F8 to make the eagle attack them.

All you need to do is drag the files into your game root folder – the one where RDR 2 is installed.

When the game launches, you should hear a few beeping sounds, indicating that the trainer is loaded.
Do not attempt to play Online with this trainer. Remove all files from your game folder before playing Online.

Do not save your game as a changed character model. We recommend that you disable autosaves before using this trainer.

If you are having trouble running Lenny’s Simple Trainer, please check the log file. If you see “System.OutOfMemoryException: STATUS_NO_MEMORY: Failed to allocate memory”, please download this fix to your game root directory: http://modsfile.com/ysell7w0kad5/EasyHookPatch.zip.html

What’s New in Version 0.7

  • All menu settings can now be reloaded in-game without restarting
  • Added support for models using hex numbers
  • New scale options for player, bodyguards and peds
  • Added unarmed weapon option for bodyguards
  • You can now change some of the trainer keys in the .ini file.
  • Added gunship under bodyguards menu (use F8 by default to attack targets you are aiming at)
  • Added new player actions (scenarios) to peacefully sip a coffee, smoke cigars, etc.
  • Added proper display names for weapons
  • You can now choose the gender when spawning horses
  • Fixed a bug where spawned horses were detected as stolen and led to a loss of honor

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