Lock Stock And Barrel Reshade for HDR Mod

Lock Stock And Barrel Reshade for HDR Mod

Reshade preset for HDR pc monitors and TV’s. Nights can be dark when its cloudy and the moon is hidden, or its light is obscured by building, hills, or mountains. In those cases you may need to use your lantern. Nights are perfectly manageable however without a lantern, or without moon light, it can just get a little dark out there.

Enhances colors, and Clarity using AdaptiveSharpen, FXAA, LumaSharpen, FilmicPass, Vibrance, Vignette, LevelsPlus, Clarity2 balancing for HDR enabled monitors and TV’s for day and night. Water has natural blue and green sheen in fast moving rivers. Douglas firs needles have a natural rust color to them at the roots. Reflecting more of a dryer climate being near New Austin desert. Lower grass lands or more green, then higher elevation where the soil would be more dry. But getting this right for HDR is hard, as its different for every brand TV , or PC monitor. So mileage may well very depending on your HDR peak brightness.

Mine is the TLC 6 series 615 it has a peak brightness at around 800 to 1000 nits, so of course this preset is balanced for that. Some monitors and TV’s can put out more nits, some cant. If you know what your setup can do it will help, 600 nits would be the lowest for good HDR. 1000 or better is preferable for HQ HDR. No one can say what this preset will look like on yours, even adjusting your sets colors, gama, and contrast can change it overall. For my set I used this site to set my color palette. Some of you may have the same TV as I, if so hope it helps. For those who dont, and thats more then likely most of you, this site has many TV reviews on it, and each review has a link to the color balancing they did for that set.

In-game turn your HDR on and calibrate the settings. Mine is 5000 and 500 it will very by set so dont worry just turn it up until you cant see the Rockstar logo, and on the bottom you may not see it at all high, or low setting if so use best judgment on the sample picture. Like with me its 500 but it looks fine in-game and 5000 I dont know of a set the has that many nits, but for me its what makes the reshade look right.

This is the first time I’ve shared anything, I’m not a coder or modder, and some preview pictures can be overly bright as HDR does not like to come out in screenshots. I wasn’t sure if I should put this out there, as reshade presets are a dime a dozen, but after trying all of them, none of them worked quite right with HDR on my set. I had never made a preset, but decided to give it a try to enhance the HDR look of the game, and why not if this preset could help just a few people it would be worth it. So take it easy on me and others like me. Let me know what you think. Please forgive miss types, I’m finding them everywhere.


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