Mooshe’s DevTools – SP Trainer Menu Mod

Mooshe’s DevTools – SP Trainer Menu Mod

This menu serves as a utility for developers and researchers in order to aid them towards their efforts in research and development. This mod provides a suite of tools such as changing models, entity and model information, noclip/freecam mode, spawning in vehicles and peds, changing the environment, and warping to known locations.

NOTE: There is a bug which causes the menu to flicker/not render properly. This seems to be an underlying issue with a mod dependency. The current workaround is to Press F8.


F2 – Open Menu
Enter/Backspace, Up/Left/Down/Right Arrows – Menu Navigation
W/A/S/D – Control Noclip/Freecam (Must be enabled in the Debug menu first)
Q/E – Descend/Ascend Freecam
Shift – 2x Freecam Speed
Ctrl – 0.1x Freecam Speed
Alt – 10x Freecam Speed
MouseWheel Up/Down – Adjust Freecam Speed

Full List of Features:

Debug Menu
Noclip/Freecam Mode (WASD to move around, Q/E to descend/ascend)
Display Player Position
Display Camera Position
Display Crosshair Info
Control Listener

Player Menu
God Mode
Infinite Stamina
Change Ped Model
Change Ped Outfit
Ped Scale
Adjust Ped Core Values (Health, Stamina, Dead Eye)
Weapons Menu (Infinite Ammo, Spawn Weapons)

Ped Menu
Spawn in Animal, Horse, or Human peds
Change Ped Outfit
Change Ped Scale
Mount/Dismount Animal

Animation Menu
A dump of over 1,000 scenarios (provided by PichotM)
Play scenarios
Clear all immediate tasks

Vehicle Menu
Spawn Vehicles
Vehicle Extras Menu (if there are any)
Repair Vehicle
Clean Vehicle
Adjust Dirt Level

World Menu
Warp to Hotspots
Reveal Entire Map
Freeze Time
Adjust Current Hour/Minute/Second
Adjust Current Date
Set Weather Type
Make Weather Persistent

Special Thanks:
Disquse – Finding the ped scale native
PichotM – Finding the ped outfit native, as well as original commondata dump of scenarios.
Manganese – Finding menu texture dictionaries/names
Xinerki – Finding the ped core setter native
SaltyQ – Helping debug the RDR3 DevTools SP port
CitizenFX Snail Club – Various Research and Development


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