Ped Limit Increase from 150 to 255 Mod

Ped Limit Increase from 150 to 255 Mod

This is a modification of Tuxick Scripthook to allow 255 peds spawning over the default 150.

The only reason this is a modification of his native invoker is out of necessity, this mod must be injected before the game is loaded to work so it can’t be a regular old dll mod (as far as my knowledge goes).

Since we don’t have RPF editing yet, we can’t increase the pool size for peds. This mod does that so we don’t have to wait. It increases the max spawnable Peds from 150 to 255.

It is the exact same thing as version 0.2.3 by Tuxick except with my added code which you can view here: You use this the exact same way you use his version.

Again, I don’t take any credit for this except the code from the pastebin link above.

Also included is a fixed epic.bat file, in case anybody is wondering, the one with the official release 0.2.3 is currently messed up so I went ahead and changed it so it should work out of the box on epic launcher too.

Tuxick - gopro_2027

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