Personal Boat Mod Mod

Personal Boat Mod Mod

A mod that adds an option to own a personal boat ingame, with customization options and more!

– Download and install AB’s ScripthookRDR2
– Download and install ASI Loaders by LMS
– Copy *Boats.asi* and the *Boats* folder to the game’s root folder.
– Make sure there’re full read & write permissions on Boats folder.

Quick start
– Head over the the new docks blip on the map.
– When the Docks Services prompt appears, interact with it to open the menu.
– Purchase yourself a new boat! You can customize it with new colors, lamps and more.

– Boats can be purchased, customized and sold at the docks.
– The mod remembers where you left your boat and it’ll wait for you there. You can always return it back to the docks.
– Boats can be stolen and sold at the docks too.

Boat Robberies
the mod features a new type of random events.
From time to time, boats carrying high valuable cargo will be spawned, and you can take them over and sell them for a high amount of money at the docks.
You can turn off that feature or adjust the frequency of events in the Settings.ini file.

Custom Settings
You can adjust some settings using the Settings.ini file.
For more advances configurations, such as pricing, you can edit the Configs.dat file.

It is possible to translate the mod into another languages easily.
– Navigate to the mod folder.
– Open up Lang.dat in a text editor.
– This file is a key-value dictionary. The left side of every line is an expression identifier and the right side is it’s value.
– You need to edit only the right side.
– Relaunch the game and the changes will be reflected.
– You may send me the new Lang.dat file and I’ll upload it to the mod’s page with a credit!

DISCALIMER: Lang.dat may differ between versions of the mod, and it’s your responsibility to update your translations accordingly.

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