RDR2 Hundred Percent Gold Story and Completion Save Game Mod

RDR2 Hundred Percent Gold Story and Completion Save Game Mod

100% Gold Story & Completion Saved Game

Total game completion
+ From chapter 3 onwards every mission saved after completion except where in certain instances missions are scripted and follow on
( see google for more information )

I have tried to stay away from the random events etc , except where 100% completion is required. just story & compendium completed .

Ideal for pepole who just wont to do the random stuff , or people struggling to complete gold on missions

There is also a save point in chapter 6 folder 19a last mission before Arthur Morgan last mission. + Epilogue Part 2 folder 10a last save beore the final mission American Venom

Whats left to do ?
Stranger Missions
Special Chance Encounters
Wilderness Chance Encounters
Town Chance Encounters
Special Characters
+ more stuff witch i’m sure you will really find

in the event that i have missed somthing please let me now

Ques why have i done these
Ans just wanted to do something diffrent


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