Red Dead Trainer

Red Dead Trainer

Simple Trainer with many features — Controller Supported.


Open – F3
Back/Close – Backspace
Select – Enter
Up – Arrow Up
Down – Arrow Down
Left – Arrow Left
Right – Arrow Right
Teleport To Waypoint HotKey – F12

Xbox Controller:
Open – A + B
Back/Close – B
Select – A
Up – Dpad Up
Down – Dpad Down
Left – Dpad Left
Right – Dpad Right
Teleport To Waypoint HotKey – A + X

PS4 Controller:
Open – X + Circle
Back/Close – Circle
Select – X
Up – Dpad Up
Down – Dpad Down
Left – Dpad Left
Right – Dpad Right
Teleport To Waypoint HotKey – X + Square

Mod Requires:
AB Scripthook

Features Included:
Player Options:
God Mode, Fast heal, Fix Player, Infinite Stamina, Infinite Dead Eye, Super Jump, Walk Speed(Will take effect while Unarmed), Sprint Speed, Everyone Ignore, Invisibility, Player Scale, Give Custom Money Amounts, Become Poor, Good/Bad Honor, Clone, Outfit Change, Animations.

Horse Options:
Set Horse(Required to be active to use horse options), God Horse, Never Tired, Horse Sprint Speed, Horse Scale, Fix Horse.

Wanted Options:
Never Wanted, No Bounties(If become wanted you will never get a bounty), Clear Wanted and Bounty, Become Wanted.

Weapon Options:
Give Weapon’s, infinite Ammo, One Hit Ranged/Melee Weapons, Fire Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Lightning Ammo, Teleport Gun, Shrink Ray(aim at ped and shoot), Enlarge Ray(Aim at ped and shoot).

Teleport Options:
Locations, Teleport Forwards/Backwards, Teleport To Waypoint(Includes HotKey Active All The Time), Teleport To Horse, Teleport Horse To Player.

Spawn Options:
Spawn Peds(Includes Change Outfit of newly spawned ped), Spawn Horses, Spawn Dogs, Spawn Animals(Includes Animal Type Changer and Friendly Option), Spawn vehicles.

World Options:
Time Up/Down, Pause Clock, Real Life Clock(Similar to longer days mod, 60 seconds a minute in game time), System Time, Change Weather, Freeze Weather, Wind Speed, Snow Coverage, Reveal Map, Hide Hud.

Menu Options:
Customize the look of the menu anyway you like, including the colour scheme and menu position.

Currently no .ini for keybinds will be worked on soon.
Place .asi into your RDR2 Game Directory.


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