Trelawny’s Travel Mod Mod

Trelawny’s Travel Mod Mod

“You know Arthur, you could have just turned around and gone to my resort!” – Josiah Trelawny –

*Trelawny’s Travel will whisk you away to a tropical Island where you can unwind to the fullest*

*Explore Guarma by land sea and air! Go to the docks in Saint Denis to start your adventure*

*Getting there is free, but the toys will cost you*

*Rent horses, wagons, boats and even a wind controlled hot air balloon. You also get to control the wind and sunny weather*

*Includes all the amenities you need, including fresh water, beds and campfires*

*Use ‘Camp Anywhere’ to fill out your camp if you’re expecting visitors, or just chill and enjoy the peace and quiet*

*Hike To Camp feature allows you to quickly explore the local town, or you can get there by land, air or sea*

*The Steam Boat behaves more like a surf board and can’t handle heavy swell. Great for catching a wave*

*Take the big Keel Boat into deeper waters and go shark hunting! Lot’s of boar inhabit the island as well, so be ready to hunt*

*Take the Buggy off-roading through the Bizzaro Mountains all the way to town. Just be careful when crossing the seams in the map*

*’Campfire Weapons Locker’, ‘Camp Anywhere’, ‘Unlimited Swim’ and ‘Disable Snipers’ are highly recommended*

*The Island of Guarma is actually about the same size as the entire story map, so plan your trips accordingly*

*Saving at the resort will make you load in Lemoyne, but you can save at the camp near town*

*The Balloon will disappear if you are too far, sleep or fast travel*

*Don’t fly too high, you will get stuck to the ceiling*

*Balloon Controls* (controller input)*

– Get in with Y
– Deactivate control with Y (you will drop straight down) (you will get knocked down if you are going too fast, possibly fall out)
– Get out with X (after you deactivate control and reach the ground) (not compatible with ‘Stash That Wagon’)
– RT for more height

*Wind Controls* (keyboard input) (only works once you rent the balloon)*

NUM8 = N
NUM6 = E
NUM2 = S
NUM4 = W
NUM5 = More wind/clear skies

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