Ultimate New Game Plus Intro Ch.1 Skip Mod

Ultimate New Game Plus Intro Ch.1 Skip Mod

A New Game+Esque Save where repetitive grinding is done for you but every mission and interaction was left for you to complete!

All animals studied/No animals studied (Depends on version)

No missions from Chapter 2 are completed/3 missions are completed that unlock the ledger, stables, etc. (Depends on version)

You’ll spawn at camp at 9am. (Every version)

No random events or strangers talked to (Excluding 2-3 O’Driscolls who jumped me) (All versions but ‘Complete Edition’)

Satchel is full of ammo, player and horse consumables, and tonics. (Every Version)

Contribution box has $123.58 in it while Arthur has $51.55 on him (Fresh Start)

Honor is more or less in the middle to suit either play-style (Every Version)

Every gun is unlocked for purchase. I left most unbought but Arthur does own the
Cattleman Revolver, Double-Action Revolver, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Pump-Action Shotgun,
Carbine Repeater, Varmint Rifle, Springfield Rifle, Bow&Arrows, and the Rolling Block Rifle. (‘Complete Edition’ Has Every Gun.)

All gun cosmetics (metals and varnishes) are default but I upgraded the
rifling and sights on all of them. (Every Version)

Every Challenge is completed and Legend of the East outfit is available for Arthur. (True, but the trapper’s rein-enforced equipment is glitched out, looking for a fix)

Arthur’s Horse is almost max bond level. (Depends on Version)

Whole map revealed. (Every Version)

(View readme.txt within the ZIP folder of the mod itself for more information and Change Logs)

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