Ultimate New Game Plus Save REVAMPED Mod

Ultimate New Game Plus Save REVAMPED Mod

New Game+ Save is essentially getting rid of all the repetitive grinding you would otherwise have to do in regular new games of Red Dead Redemption 2 such as hunting legendaries, and jotting down Point of Interests collectibles. I MIGHT be making a version for every chapter, see details below:

Arthur has $1190.37 in his pocket while the Camp has $1577.26. If you wish to have less, donate how much you wish to get rid of to camp. Since camp is fully upgraded anyway there’s no point to money in the box other than resupplying the Ammo, Medical, and Provision Wagons around camp. In Arthur’s satchel almost every item is capped at 99 and you have every unique weapon, item, valuable and collectible to my knowledge. 32 Gold Nuggets, 20 Gold Bars, and 24 Large Jewelry Bags. (Items that are obtained on missions are not included) (SPOILER) I recommend saving some valuables for John in the Epilogue.

Only 4 Ch.2 missions are complete, and they were mandatory to unlock the legendary animals, the camp ledger, and the stables, etc. If you wish to play any mission and relive the experience from where you want to pause the game>Progress>Story>choose your chapter>hover over the mission and press L.Shift on PC, Triangle on PS4, and Y on Xbox. Current missions on the map are every side mission and stranger (Except for the treasure hunter missions). The Main Story missions on the map are The Spines of America (Hosea), Paying a Social Call (Kieran, Money Lending and Other Sins – III (Thomas Downes), and The First Shall be Last (Javier Escuella).

All guns are owned and maxed out (Barrel Length, Rifling, etc.) and Arthur is equipped with a Cattleman and a Sawed-off.

All challenges and the Legend of the East outfit and gun equipment is available as Arthur. (All garments and reinforced trapper equipment is available and unlocked in your wardrobe)

All owned horses:
Black Arabian
White Arabian
Warped Brindle Arabian
and Red Chestnut Arabian (Current horse because I feel it fits well with Legend of the East)
Temporary horse is a Tiger Striped Mustang exclusive to the New-Austin desert.
All horses have a placekeeper name and 3/4 or 4/4 bond level.

Smaller details

All treasure hunts completed (Excluding ones acquired on missions or in pre-order/special editions)

All Point of Interests jotted down excluding a monk who I just couldn’t find for the longest time somewhere on a mountain in Grizzlies East (Marked, see images)

All Rock Carving and Dinosaur Bones inspected except for the last ones (Can’t inspect them unless you start their side missions, Marked, see images)

Every Cigarette Card Set completed and on Arthur

All companion request items on Arthur to my knowledge

All illicit/illegal side businesses robbed

All major towns and most shacks are discovered

You will spawn at camp at 9am

Hair is at max length for Ch.2 if that’s anyone’s style, just trim it if it doesn’t suit you. You’ll still have 99 Hair Tonics for free use later.

Honor is neutral for either play style.

I am open to feedback and more importantly suggestions on what I added/should add. I spent over 3 days straight attempting to make this so I thought I’d share it, notify me if I forgot anything. I (MIGHT) be making an edition of the save for every chapter.

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